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Gunnys Trooper Shataha




Gunnys Trooper Shataha

Prinz Teadorik Von Eldorado
Trinity's Saber


From Andrews Valley German Shepherds

Trooper is one tall, dark and handsome gentleman. Standing at 27" and weighing 115lbs, he is structurally very sound and has striking presence. A thinker, full of drive with a great head and nose for tracking, Trooper has served with his trainers as a military K9 in Afghanistan and here at home, returning to civilian life about three years ago. While trained as both a working and protection dog, Trooper is also an amazing family companion with a very level temperment, showing patience and loyalty to "us," the others of his pack. Very playful, energetic and full of life, Trooper is one of the most well-rounded GSD's you will ever meet.


Gunnys Trooper Shataha
Trooper's Certificate
Trooper's Registration